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West Midlands Stylist of the Year 2019

Still can't quite believe this happened at the weekend.

Winner @salonawards for the West Midlands Stylist of the Year 2019.
Awards and competitions are hard work. There are way more losses than there are ever wins. You pour your heart into it and show your creative self and a lot of the time it's not good enough and that is sometimes a hard knock to take. I'm always trying to do my best, to be better than yesterday, for my mom in heaven (RIP) to be proud.

I started my career at 15 as a Saturday girl, a couple of weeks later my mom died.
She doesn't know how hard I push myself, she didn't see me travel to far places around the world because of my job, or win anything, she hasn't sat in a crowd while I have been on stage or seen the magazines, books and DVDs I've been in, she doesn't know my resume is 15 pages long with all the amazing achievements and she doesn't know that I try really hard every single day so that she can be proud of me ?

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