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Tammy Reynolds

‘My aim is to be better than I was yesterday while keeping clients and community at the forefront of everything I do’.


We are Britannia Hair & Scalp (formally Tammy Reynolds for Hair) taking care of your hair and scalp micropigmentation needs.


My main objective is you feeling at home, welcome and comfortable here, the salon is quiet, private and discreet.


As well as being close to public transport we also offer a free parking space just for you if you’re arriving by car.


As a blonde specialist I help you achieve your ultimate blonde hair goal. We'll work together to find the right colour technique to fit your goals.


Getting the right tone to suit your skin will make your colour appear more ‘like you’ and be the best fit for you, also meaning your clothes and makeup overall looks better.


PS if you’ve skipped all the way to the end first. Here's a summary:

I'm a blonde specialist in Worcester, working on one client at a time from a quiet private salon.

My goal is for you to feel welcome and comfortable while you are here, getting you to your hair goal and maintaining your hair integrity using professional products.

Tammy Reynolds.

Tammy Reynolds Hair Club Live. #openchairnight. Camden, London.

Photo courtesy of Darren Lehane Photography


Service Menu


Cut and Finish £40

A relaxing cleanse, condition and scalp massage using professional hair care. Cut tailored just for you taking into consideration, face shape, hair type, lifestyle, styling needs and wishes to be the best version of you.


Barbering £22

Tailored Barbering techniques to your specific needs. Relaxing cleanse and condition, cut to accentuate your features leaving you looking  clean and sharp for your lifestyle.


Fringe trim £5

Let me take care of your fringe in between haircuts. Frame your face in the right way by having it professionally taken care of. A quick service that will keep the overall shape better for longer.

Blow Dry £25

Relaxing cleanse, condition and scalp massage professional haircare for your specific needs with a blow dry style of your choice. ‘A blow out before you go out’ to feel pampered or just because you'd rather relax and let someone else do it.

Olaplex treatments £15 - £20

Olaplex is becoming a world renowned product with millions of current users.
A hair re-bonding system that works inside the hair to rebuild bonds broken by mechanical and chemical damage. An Olaplex treatment is £15. Olaplex added into your colour formula and post colour treatment is £20 (necessary for blondes or platinum blondes)

If you are going blonde in any way expect to have Olaplex added on to the service total. Malibu C de-ox is included in all hair colour prices (stops the oxidation chemical process after any colour, saves your scalp and integrity of your hair).


Full Head Platinum £55 - £85

Full head platinum blonde takes incredible skill to achieve the perfect clean blonde for you. Platinum is a blonde specialist colour.


Balayage/Foilayage/Renayage £70 

Hand painted colour techniques each have their own specific unique results and not all hand painting is balayage. With the help of ‘hair goals’ pictures we will pick the right technique for your hair texture and current hair colour. (+ root colour £30)


T-Section Foils £55

Baby lights, added dimension, brightening or even introducing colour to enhance your hair. This is a minimal commitment colour, great as a taster session or to add a little excitement to natural or coloured hair. (+ root colour £30)

Half Head Foils £70

Foils add colour, dimension and a softer colour grow out versus a full head colour. Half head of foils is a good choice if you wear your hair down a lot. (+ root colour £30)


Full Head Foils £90

For anyone wanting that little bit more, if you want to see colour all the way throughout and especially when your hair is up then a full head is for you.


Tint/Semi/Demi £40 - £55

Colour refresh through the ends comes with all root retouch applications, all of your colour looks brand new.


Colour Correction £35 per hour

The big one. When you’re going for an extreme makeover or when at some point you’ve gone through a hair disaster
(for instance, maybe you tried to blonde it yourself?) and it’s going to take some time and effort to put that right.

*Non refundable booking fees are in place for all appointments. Colour fees are £30 and for haircuts/blow dries the fee is £15.

**Skin tests for colour. To keep you safe, skin tests are required for hair colour services. NO skin test = NO colour = NO exceptions.


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